Careers Guidance


At The Roundhill Academy you can expect to receive the following from August 2019.
Year 7
  • Introducing Careers –What does it mean to me?
  • Identifying their own strengths and weaknesses and linking them to appropriate careers
  • Identify a variety of different careers
  • Explain the importance of a chosen career in the world today
  • Undertake a work experience 

Year 8
  • Investigate the stereotype of gender related jobs and dispel this myth
  • Identify the different subject choices that are available at The Roundhill Academy and the options that are possible
  • Create an individualised action plan using the online Kudos tool
  • Money matters - Investigate how to manage your money in the world of work
  • Experience contact with a variety of different employers and Post 16 colleges

Year 9
  • Revisit their strengths and weaknesses, and reflect and amend their action plan
  • Create their own CV
  • Investigate routes for Post 16 education/training
  • Money matters - Investigate how to manage on a wage
  • Undertake a 1:1 careers interview with an external Level 6 careers advisor
  • Experience contact with a number of employers

Year 10
  • Experience a careers trip to the World Skills Show at the NEC
  • Attend a taster day at a local college and sixth form
  • Produce a CV linked to career aspirations
  • Undertake an interview with an actual employer
  • Money matters – understanding budgeting

Year 11
  • Attend a careers fair to identify possible destinations
  • An introduction to applying for post 16 courses
  • Writing a perfect personal statement

The Roundhill Academy welcomes feedback from parents, students, staff and employers. If you have any suggestions then please contact Charlie Hardy (Associate Principal – CEIAG) on 0116 2693896 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.