In art and design, students explore visual, tactile and other sensory experiences to communicate ideas and meanings. They work with traditional and new media, developing confidence, competence, imagination and creativity. They learn to appreciate and value images and artefacts across times and cultures, and to understand the contexts in which they were made. In art and design, students have opportunity to reflect critically on their own and other people’s work, judging quality, value and meaning. They learn to think and act as artists, craftspeople and designers, working creatively and intelligently. They develop an appreciation of art, craft and design, and its role in the creative and cultural industries that enrich their lives.


The Year 7 Scheme of work covers a range of basic skills

• Drawing, shading and tone
• Colour mixingand painting
• Sculpture
• Clay building 





In Year 8 pupils are given the opportunity to consolidate and build on their skills. Topics are designed to allow pupils an opportunity to research and develop their ideas more independently using their creativity and imagination, but within a well-structured and supportive framework. 

Topics covered in Year 8 include
Fantastic Beasts
• Crazy Cakes
Print Making


The Year 9 Scheme of Work aims to provide pupils with greater opportunities for independent enquiry, creative thinking and reflection. The emphasis is on the production of more developed, personal and meaningful responses where pupils can express their own views and opinions through their work.

Topics covered in Year 9 include
• Aboriginal Art
• Natural Forms




The Year 10 and 11 GCSE course is structured to allow students to independently research and develop their own creative ideas from both observation and imagination. They acquire a range of practical skills in different media and experiment using a broad variety of materials and techniques. Opportunity will also be given to study works of art from both modern and historical contexts.

The Coursework Portfolio unit, will count for 60% of the final assessment and the externally set task accounting for the remaining 40% of the marks. For the coursework unit of work students will explore the theme of "Apart and/or Together" generating their own creative responses in relatopn to the title.