Drama continues to be an extremely popular subject with the Key Stage 3 students and attainment is high. Students are given opportunities to learn a variety of Drama skills, from role-plays and script work, through to more advanced techniques such as forum theatre, marking the moment and using symbolism. Furthermore, the learning of these skills is embedded within a broad and varied curriculum, which encompasses everyday contemporary life and experience; as well as addressing historical and cultural events and perspectives. We are lucky to have a state of the art Drama studio, that is fully equipped with stage lighting and sound technology.  This allows students to access an authentic experience of professional stage acting.


At GCSE, we study the AQA Specification, which allows for Key Stage 4 students to explore and present a number of thought-provoking themes and play-scripts. We visit the theatre as part of the course and the students have the opportunity to learn about the craft of the theatre through a variety of stimuli and performances.



Drama Students perform their work regularly within lessons and also have the opportunity to perform to different classes and staff members within the school. These occasions are always successful and allow students to feel extremely proud of what they achieve. Drama is an enjoyable subject which promotes team-work, respect, empathy and confidence for all students at The Roundhill, Academy whatever their individual needs and attainment.