Humanities Department


The Humanities faculty encompasses a range of curriculum areas including History, Religious Studies, Geography, Sociology and Personal Development. It is Faculty which builds a range of skills and knowledge; which benefits students academically and socially, preparing students for the wider world. 


In KS3 we have a wide and varied curriculum designed to equip students with progressive skills to support KS4 success. Students have up to 6 hours a week studying Humanities based subjects. These are led by a dynamic and specialist team of teachers. The faculty is enriched with a number of wider opportunities; including a wide range of fieldwork and visits. These are all built into our Schemes of Learning  and very well received by the students.   Students make great progress in Humanities and student feedback and attainment reflects this. 



In year 10 and 11, all students take to have the opportunity at least one GCSE Humanities subject. As well a choice between History and Geography students can take GCSE Religious studies and Sociology.  A large portion of our current key stage 4 cohort take 2 or even 3 Humanities GCSEs, a testament to the interest that students have in the subjects.   The GCSE curriculum starts at Easter of year 9.  Students are challenged and supported rigorously and afterschool classes are delivered weekly which are very well attended. 



Students are regularly assessed and we encourage a high level of parental support and input in their learning journey with the faculty.