All pupils in years 7 and 8 at The Roundhill Academy study maths at Key Stage 3. Pupils are set according to their ability, which is based on their attainment at Key Stage 2. This ensures that lower attaining pupils in maths are given all the support they need to progress, while at the same time ensures our most talented mathematicians are stretched and challenged to master and link skills. Through innovative and enthusiastic teaching and learning of mathematics we aim to pass on our enthusiasm to students of all abilities and interests and we strive to ensure that all students are suitably challenged and engaged in maths, and students who require additional support are effectively supported.   Students who have experienced difficulties in reaching the expected level of attainment at key stage 2 receive extra support by being placed in a smaller class and having help from a Teaching Assistant.


At Key Stage 4 pupils study towards the new 9-1 GCSE Maths. The Key Stage 4 scheme of learning starts in year 9 and is split into different levels. At Key Stage 3 pupils will have already built competence at particular levels of maths, and the level of depth to which they go in certain topics will depend on their knowledge from Key Stage 3. The overlap in the higher and foundation schemes of learning means that pupils are not restricted to a higher paper or foundation paper at an early stage. Students complete assessments throughout the scheme of learning to ensure that they fully understand the topics covered and are assessed using past papers for GCSE. We try to ensure that pupils remain with the same class teacher for GCSE so that there are strong relationships and adequate support in place. We run after school sessions for all Year 11 students on a Wednesday after school for extra support with revision. Resources to support learning can be found on the mymaths website, which can be accessed at home or school.