Personal Development


All students study Personal Development in Key stage 3 and Life Studies key stage 4.  The aim of the PD and the Lifeskills course  is to equip students with essential skills that allow for our young people to be successful, happy and prepared for  life after The Roundhill Academy in all areas of life. 

All Roundhill pupils have one PD lesson each week in Key Stage 3   which is taught in teaching groups. Alongside the PD units, students participate in Learning to Learn lessons  which cover a range of crucial skills such as independent learning, resilience in learning and reflection and target setting. These planned opportunities follow the Government guidance in what is taught focusing on safety and physical and emotional wellbeing. The aim of PD is to promote pupils’ health and wellbeing to ensure they have the knowledge to lead confident, safe and emotionally and physically healthy lives. PD education is about giving pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need, including developing financial capability, to help ensure their future success.




The Life Skills course is delivered to students in Year 11 and 10. Within the two year course we ensure that students have a grounding in areas that will make them well adjusted and aware citizens.  We cover; religious beliefs, attitudes and teachings, citizenship and politics in an engaging and challenging way. We look at relationships, careers and wellbeing; preparing students for the challenges of adulthood.  We spend dedicated time within the course to support students for the next phase in education or training offering intense support in finding, applying and being successful in interview for courses, apprenticeships or traineeships. This is reflected in our high level of students securing their desired Key stage 5 destinations. 


The careers curriculum and provision is planned from year 7 to Year 11 and beyond and we have a dedicated leader of careers and post 16 provision to ensure that our students are well supported in their journey towards the world of work.



In addition to a well planned and challenging curriculum we also offer a range of enrichment opportunities to support the personal development of our young people.  An example of this is our Enterprise unit where students start their own business and our Make the Difference day where we plan and run an entire day to support our local community. 

Full details of our curriculum and our policies with regards our CIAG  ( Careers Information and Guidance) and SRE ( Sex and relationships Education)  provision is available on our website.