Physical Education

The PE Department aims to provide students a wide range of sporting opportunities, both within and beyond the curriculum, and to make the learning environment fun and enjoyable, allowing each student to reach their learning potential in a safe and supportive atmosphere.


The Staff in the department expect high standards of motivation and performance. Each member of the team bring different sporting skills and expertise, particular specialisms include Athletics, Fitness, Rugby, Football, Basketball, Badminton and Volleyball. The school is well equipped and resourced with extensive playing fields, netball courts, sports hall and heated indoor swimming pool. Facilities and equipment are regularly updated and we have recently purchased some new table tennis tables.

In year 7 and 8 every student has two lessons of physical education each week and in year 9, 10 and 11 students have 1 lesson of PE each week. Activities are studied in blocks of 6 – 12 weeks and at the start of Key Stage 3, all students follow a baseline assessment course to ascertain what grade they are currently working at. Their progress against this starting point is then recorded throughout Key Stage 3 and should they choose GCSE PE/BTEC SPORT then this continues into Key stage 4. 


The different activities we cover during the five years of studying PE at Roundhill are:

Rugby, Netball, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Health Related Fitness, Gymnastics, Dance, Trampolining, Dodgeball, Handball, Outdoor Adventure Activities, Swimming, Short Tennis, Cricket, Rounders, Athletics and Softball.


Should students choose GCSE PE/BTEC SPORT then they receive a further 2/3 lessons per week and study both practical and theoretical elements of physical education along with designing a personal exercise program. Example blocks of work in the theory component include anatomy and physiology, movement analysis, methods of training and sport psychology. For the practical component blocks of work include Badminton, Swimming, Basketball, Football and Athletics. 

In Core PE lessons students also have the opportunity to study a ‘Sport Education’ module, which builds a broader range of sports knowledge and skills including coaching, refereeing and leadership skills. 



Students who find it hard to engage in PE (due to physical disabilities or other learning needs) are supported by LSA’s who provide guidance to help them access the whole curriculum or follow a slightly modified version. Students who show above average ability and enthusiasm are supported in developing their abilities through the Talent and Leadership Academy, where students have the opportunity to access further coaching and trips outside of school. These and any other interested students are always actively encouraged to join extra-curricular clubs and local clubs who have teams or coaching for junior players.


Our excellent staff team, supported by David Snowden the school’s enrichment co-ordinator and experienced coaches, offer a rich-mix of lunch-time clubs, after-school activities and inter-house competitions to supplement curriculum studies.

Clubs on offer include:

Football, Rugby, Basketball, Netball, Dance, Badminton, Rounders, Athletics, Cricket, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Cross country, Outdoor pursuits,Trampolining and Swimming