Mrs Holme Goes Mad in Tanzania.
This summer Art teacher Mrs Holme will be travelling over to Musoma in Tanzania with a team of volunteers and the charity GoMad (Go Make a Difference in Tanzania).
While she is there, she will be taking part in a number of projects that will make a lasting difference to the lives’ of local people. These will include roofing a school so it can reopen, building water tanks for families so they have fresh rainwater to drink, delivering health and hygiene education and supporting people in the leprosy community. She is currently fundraising and all the money collected goes directly to the projects while she is out there. 
Students and staff at Roundhill are supporting her in a number of ways. There will be a non school uniform day, where students can donate £1, as well as other fundraising events. 
Year 8 students will also be taking part in a Faculty of Arts Enrichment day, where they will get a taste of Africa by taking part in a wide range of Drama, Music, Design and Art workshops. Some of the activities will include, making toiletry bags, carved soap and dresses for Mrs Holme to deliver to children in Musoma, creating African inspired items the sell to raise funds as well as African drumming, drama and cooking.
When she returns Mrs Holme is looking forward to showing students and staff what a massive impact their support and has on the lives’ of some of the world’s most vulnerable people.