What are we looking for


The Secondary PGCE is a challenging course, and we are looking for applicants with a wide range of skills, knowledge, experiences and an aptitude for teaching. Our key selection criteria are set out below: 


Ability to form relationships
Developing positive relationships with both young people and adults lies at the heart of effective teaching. The ability to listen, be sensitive, work collaboratively and respond to the needs of others is crucial, and our selection process pays particular attention to these qualities. 


Good communication skills*
Teachers need to present themselves appropriately when working in small and large group situations with both adults and young people. You should be able to express your ideas confidently both orally and in writing and make effective use of technology to support learning.


Commitment to learning and teaching
Teachers must be positive role models who make young people's learning their first concern. We are looking to recruit individuals who understand the position of trust which this role places them in. You should be able to demonstrate a professional regard for the schools you will work in and the potential for promoting positive values and attitudes. 


Reflective qualities
Effective teaching is more than simply a set of skills and knowledge; it is an intellectually demanding pursuit that requires an ability to analyse and reflect upon experiences. This is likely to be demonstrated in our selection process by candidates expanding on their previous experiences in school settings, and displaying a capacity to structure thoughts and to raise and answer related questions both in discussion and in writing. 


Awareness of contemporary issues in education
Successful teaching depends on a commitment to on-going professional development. We look for self-motivated candidates who are able to engage in informed discussion of key contemporary issues in education. You should be able to show that you are able to take responsibility for developing your professional skills and understanding. 


*All Universities are committed to Equal Opportunities for all students and potential students, and support is available for candidates for whom this criterion might present a challenge. Potential applicants for whom this may be a consideration are advised to contact the Secondary PGCE team in advance.