User Information – Go4Schools

For students to login to Go4Schools they need to click on the link below and login using their school email address.

For Year 7 this will be 20firstnamesurname@roundhill.leics.sch.uk

For Year 8 this will be 19firstnamesurname@roundhill.leics.sch.uk

For Year 9 this will be 18firstnamesurname@roundhill.leics.sch.uk

For Year 10 this will be 17firstnamesurname@roundhill.leics.sch.uk

For Year 11 this will be 16firstnamesurname@roundhill.leics.sch.uk

Students Go4Schools passwords are different from the ones they have to login to a computer at school. The Go4Schools password will have at least 1 uppercase letter, at least 1 lowercase letter, at least 1 number and at least 1 special character (?!@ etc.)

If a student forgets their Go4Schools password they need to reset it using the forgotten password link on the Go4Schools website.

User Information – Office 365

To login to Office365 students need to click on the link below and enter their school email address, following the same pattern as described for Go4Schools. The password for Office365 will be the same as the one used to login to a school computer.

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